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Each EXPERIENCE is unique. The EXPERIENCE that happens in the room depends on who is in the room. The participants, the energy, the desired results. 

What will you bring? 

 How will you show up?

What will show up, because of you?  

Love is being called forth in our world. Can you hear it? Can you feel it? Love is needed...everywhere. Are you ready to answer? What is your calling? Come find out how you can make a difference in the cause that you are called to help. 




We at the Ultimate Love Experience put our efforts into solving youth homelessness here in Los Angeles. Our events are designed to help you create Your Vision and bring it to life. Marianne Williamson says we each have a 'download'...the thing we are here to do. The Ultimate Love Experience will help you define that vision and create the steps to move it from thought to action. To make your difference.

💎What if your instincts, your strength, your power and your knowing were all operating aligned and together to bring you on-point-precision in your decisions?  

💎What if you felt certain and calm with every choice you made? With taking more initiative to make change. Your way.

💎What if you could know, without doubt, that you are being exquisitely directed in your actions, operating for the highest good for you, for all?

💎What if you were able to connect to a power much greater than your own…to merge with that power so you could feel confident, solid, and on purpose at all times, even in the face of resistance? Yours or others.

💎What if you could stop second guessing yourself…that were able to support yourself, and those around you….to rise to a higher strength and purpose. A bigger why.  

💎What if you could tap into Your Inner Precision Power ..and know that you are exactly where you should be, doing exactly what you should be doing?

💎What if you could really, REALLY, make a difference in this world?  

What if you were UNSHAKABLE? And could use your life for even more than what it is now....more certainty, more fearless action, more impact. Go the direction you always knew, deep down always had a knowing, you could. More powerful to make change. More solid to take the lead. Better equipped to find solutions. And be the motivating force. Stop waiting for someone to do something. Flip your switch. You are who you're waiting for.




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4 Powerful Love Experiences to Choose From

The Love Infusion Program Designed to bring homeless youth and those serving homeless youth together in a half day or full day experiential and experimental experience. Get ready to tear down the barriers and beliefs that keep us separate from each other to reveal the heart of the matter. Whether you are a provider, wealthy, a government leader, or homeless, we are all the same inside. 

Community L.O.V.E. Program Designed for non-profit organizations and government agencies. Experience the power of L.O.V.E. to restore love and vision to your organizations so you can effectively bring forth change in the lives of our youth. Our experience assists you in creating a vision of powerful change for the community y and effect everlasting transformation for your workers so they show up as the change thus being the change maker. 

The Self L.O.V.E. Program In order to evoke change for our youth, they must love themselves. Our Ultimate L.O.V.E. Experience for youth teaches kids to love themselves in spite of being beaten up by other and their lives’ circumstances. Youth are shown how to love themselves and how to cast vision in order to live lives that excite them filling them with power and passion. 

Corporate & Entertainment Industry L.O.V.E. Program Designed for this corporate and entertainment industry leaders who want to know more about the heart of our homeless youth. In order to effectively create change, dive deep into the heart of the matter to know the power of L.O.V.E. Strip away the pretense of business, glamor, and the boardroom, to reveal the heart of how corporations and studios can birth change in a huge and exponential way. 


Our Ultimate Love Experience Team facilitates workshops and programs that bring about change in the individual, whch then brings about change in his environment. When you change, that around you changes. Inspire & empower from within.

L.O.V.E. Foundation works with city organizations to help get youth off the streets and out of homelessness by empowering them to take the steps necessary to support themselves and become contributing members of our communities, our city, and our world..

Your facilitator Greg Johnson Founder & President of L.O.V.E. Foundation

To schedule an Ultimate Love Experience or find out more, CALL or TEXT 818-793-7381.  

Greg Johnson Founder & President of L.O.V.E. Foundation  

Best selling author of "Love Your Heart to Empower Your Soul: 7 Principles for Transforming the Homeless Youth Epidemic Forevermore." Available on Amazon  

"Home is an estate of the heart. When we live as pillars of love, we become stronger. United in love, we are encouraged to create greatness with our lives." - Greg Johnson  

Greg earned a B.F.A. from the University of Florida and holds a license as a spiritual practitioner with the Agape University in Los Angeles, CA. He obtained a Master of Arts in Human Services: Executive Leadership from Liberty University in Virginia. He has assisted in developing numerous curriculums for the advancement of children for youth conferences, summer camps, and group homes. Greg has served as a mental health counselor in private hospitals in Chicago, Illinois overseeing the children's unit and as an administrator for group homes in northern California.  

With over 1,000 hours of service, Greg is a master group facilitator and change maker, leading powerfully transformative workshops, groups, and programs. With his own life experience and his unique style of motivational teaching, Greg helps groups and individuals create their visions and guides them to empower themselves to bring those visions to life. Greg's natural ability is to serve others unto love as the servant to their most high. Greg's works accelerates clients in returning to the sanctuary of their hearts where love is whispering the destiny for their success. This precious gift allows for clients to experience deep healing, extraordinary transformation, and uncommon enlightenment.  

Change Has Never Been So Rewarding. 

Hosted by our expertly trained team, THE ULTIMATE LOVE EXPERIENCE is a full day or half day of guided processes that immediately make a difference in the way you think you can effect change.

When you join as a participant, you'll change more than yourself. You'll change whole ways of operating in status quo. You'll change the world. You'll make the ripples of a pebble turn into a wave... that can reach across the world. 


Experience it for you and your organization.  

You haven't experienced anything like it yet. 

The Experience: Who's it for?


For teams large or small, communiction and working relationships are improved when the team members work together towqrd a shared cause. The Ulltimate Love Experience allows your team to see the vision each had s as an idividual...and as a group. Change is posible, and your corporation can be a big part of it. Commitment and ckonfidence that the answeras are the group and in oneself. The Experience will show you how.

Perfect for groups from 10-500.

government agencies

The Ultimate Love Experience will create change for L.A.s homeless and disenfranchised youth ..b creating change within the community at large. Rules, regulations & policies are important, yes, but the human to human connection is what is absolutley needed now. What's been missing is the real person caring...and that's what The Ultimate Love Experience is about. Heart, Soul, Hope, and Connection. And a perfect partner for agencies with Measure H funds. We fulfill the exact perameters of the Measure H regulations. We are, in fact, the perfect solution for Measure H funds distribution. It's all hands on deck for this growing homeless epidemic. The Ultimate Love Solution is effective, committed, and prepared to make a lasting difference to every group it restore the humaness, the possibility and the promise of change. For good.

For groups 10 to 500.

youth groups

The homeless youth of our city have suffered in many ways. There are several areas of youth that we work with to inspire, instill hope, lift up, and bring about change. The groups we work with have been affected by: homelessness incarceration drugs abuse foster care gangs bullying lack of family support violence loss of self identity and we work with public schools. For groups 10 -200. 


If you've been wanting to give back, share your blessings help others that can learn from your wealth of experience, The Ultimate Love Experience is the perfect place to do that. We love our sponsors, our angels, and our upper tier participants. And we love your support. Understanding is born, compassion is fostered, and a new level of connection as humans together, arises. The world is changed one person at a time. You can activate that change.

 Great for any size group.

Whether you choose the Full Day, Half Day or 15 Week Immersion, you will receive the full Ultimate Love Experience, opening you to your hidden power. And uncover your ability and innate knowing to create a new and higher possibility for change.


L.O.V.E. Foundation and The Ultimate Love Experience directly supports youth and the individuals and organizations serving the youth in our cities that have become less than their potential, less than what is possible. They need examples, they need possibility, they need to be shown a way. To know they have value, intelligence, gifts, and a calling. With no one to guide them, and constant negative input....they don't know how and the courage to take the steps to change their lives. 

We Aim for Big Change. We areThe Ultimate Love Experience.

THE ULTIMATE LOVE EXPERIENCE is the difference.....and you can empower that diffrence. You can be the catalyst for change.

We are a determined bunch. We have looked homelessness in the eyes: drugs, alcoholism, joblessness, disenfranchised beings....and we have seem them rise up. we have seen them recognize their potential and grab it with both hands to become what they are meant to become. LIke a plant that needs water and sun and caring to grow, become a tree..........these beings can be worthy, valued, contributing, and important members of the community. And mostly, members of their own lives.

The Utimate Love Experience.

Have the Experience. Get the Info.


Whole Day Immersion

Half-Day Immersion

7 hours of The Experience. We'll cover a wide variey of exercises, processes, and growth promoting work. Participants leave with a feeling of exhileration and understanding of their ability to effect change. For groups from 10 to 500.  

4 hours of the The Utimate Love Experience. Exercises, processes, and sharing...both group and solo. Perfect for a lead up to lunch. Mornings or Afternoons available.

For groups from 10 to 500.

Want to discuss which Experience is right for you and your group?  

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15 Week Immersion 

A 4 month weekly group experience in your facility, on virtually delivered. Each week's work will build upon the concepts, processes and knowledge from the week before. Best for smaller group sizes from 10 to 40.

Heartfelt Endorsements

"I offer the highest recommendation and endorsement for Greg Johnson and the L.O.V.E. Foundation as a very effective, positive program for high risk youths. In the past years, I have had the enriching experience of working with Greg Johnson in researching and consulting the various dimensions and appropriate measures that the L.O.V.E. Foundation target with sustainable, developmental growth integrating mental, emotional, and physical well being with spirituality. In my opinion, it is programs like these with highly qualified and committed individuals such as Greg Johnson that prove to make positive, sustainable contributions not only at the personal youth level, but at the academic and community level acting as progressive change agents for society as a whole." - Nicole Kindzia, PsyD, MS Clinical Psychology, Columbia University

"Greg Johnson and L.O.V.E. Foundation programs offer an especially unique approach to empowering youth in that its curriculum is based upon the spiritual principles of love and vision. This is significant because there is increasing research evidence, which support that spirituality serves as a protective factor in building resiliency in youth. Thus, the fact that this program incorporates universal spiritual principles to assist youth to cultivate self-love, self-esteem, character, and positive coping skills is an extraordinary strength." - Allie Mojarradi, MSW, UCLA

"Greg and the L.O.V.E. Foundation were an extremely valuable component to Models of Pride, the world's largest free LGBTQ youth conference. Greg's abilities as a facilitator & speaker made him extremely well received and the attendees left his session wanting more. Greg's Heal Your Heart workshop tackles a difficult topic, but his compassion and expert knowledge made him one of our best facilitators." - Daniel Perez, Models of Pride Conference Director at Los Angeles LGBT Center

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