Do you cherish every moment of your success... "I feel like it could all be gone at any moment."

Do you feel like you are in control of your life... "Sometimes the drugs and alcohol are the only control I have."

Do you act like the Champion you know you are... "I'm afraid I'm going to take my anger out on someone I love."


Transforming Fear & Failure into Personal Success:

Program Name

At Champion Heart™, we work with high performance professional athletes & celebrities who are tired of destroying their lives with substances and behaviors, who are ready to break free from dependence so they may cherish and sustain their hard earned success. 


We mentor you to make the right decisions in real time. 


We prepare you for success that empowers your future, both on and off the field .


We help you overcome abuse, both substance and domestic.


We promote your inner peace so you may be calm, cool and collected. 

We support you through the challenges you are facing, both on and off the field, through our fully customized 12-week one-on-one program. Greg Johnson, the KickAss Specialist, works with you face-to-face to hold a mirror to your life so you can clearly see your own Champion Heart. He mentors you through the fog that is obscuring your greatness and teaches you life skills that will help you overcome the obstacles that have been holding you back from your true potential.  

Greg helps you to integrate the new skills and knowledge that you have discovered in the intensive through three months of continued one-on-one support and materials.  

Ready to transform your life?


"I thought I had everything together... I realize how broken my life was and how I was so empty on the inside. Thank you for helping me see this; now I can move forward to live an authentic and healed life."

Meet Greg Johnson

The KickAss Specialist 

Greg Johnson is a licensed Spiritual Practitioner holding a Master’s Degree in Human Services, cognate in Executive Leadership. Greg consults as a Spiritual Director for Drug and Alcohol detox and rehab centers in Malibu and Los Angeles areas. He continuously creates innovative and powerful group and individualized programs, which transform and empower lives. He has worked with thousands of clients with miraculous results. His clients, including celebrities, Hollywood producers and directors, power executives and athletes have had life changing success when implementing this unique knowledge in their lives. Greg thrives on working with highly successful individuals who are struggling with sustaining success in their personal lives.  

"Thank you for bringing me home to my heart. I now feel whole and safe because my life now has purpose and passion."

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